About Us

VetFlicks was founded by military and film industry veterans and is comprised of its own in-house development, production and distribution teams. These professionals have solid and valuable industry strategic partnerships and proven production, distribution, marketing and exhibitor relations support.

Launching with a robust and diverse slate of content, VetFlicks will be building solid and valuable relationships with a number of veteran filmmakers, releases and distribution platforms.  VetFlicks’ Theatre Network, VetFlicks Exchange and VetFlicks Digital content will be relevant with global exhibition outlets and on all existing and foreseeable digital platforms.

Additionally, VetFlicks Radio will serve as an in house publicity mechanism to promote VetFlicks releases and campaigns. VetFlicks Radio will be delivered globally via the internet and feature founder Marc Bovee and USMA Graduate and VFT Operations Manager Jack Kennedy.

VetFlicks Academy will be an online learning experience offered to the millions of veterans around the planet who could benefit greatly from the therapeutic nature of storytelling and not live in a major city where there are existing opportunities to tell their story.

VetFlicks-produced content will fit very well defined parameters of expected quality of production and story, each focused on a multitude of engaging and thematically appropriate opportunities.

VetFlicks Theatre Network

With the amazing shift in the economics of theatrical distribution on the horizon, VetFlicks Theatre Network exists as an overture to exhibition outlets and communities across the US and eventually around the globe. In preparation of the reduction or elimination of the largest cost center in the theatrical model; virtual print fees, VTN will work with exhibition outlets to optimize their wide adoption of Digital Cinema and develop valuable cause driven cinema.

This overture will grow organically a sustainable market of diverse audience members who will come to expect a high quality content from the VetFlicks brand. VTN currently has a growing number of local independent and regional circuits ready to support our platform with more expressing interest regularly. Insight gleaned from VTN events will be gathered by our technology and insight partners at SurveyMe, an Irvine, CA headquartered company whose cutting edge mobile app is sweeping across the planet to give the new age of entrepreneur valuable feedback as to perspective and experience.

By introducing theatrical features at this level it will give the VetFlicks Exchange far greater information as to projects over all value in the many platforms additionally within the VetFlicks ecosystem.

VetFlicks Exchange

Much like the Post Exchange on military bases and the classic “film row film exchanges” of another time, VetFlicks Exchange will exist to promote a limited number of theatrical releases, globally each year. Initially the bedrock of VetFlicks, VetFlicks Exchange is now one of many distribution platforms that will give our brand a competitive edge over our studio competitors.

Our talent will consist of a global network of experienced distribution professionals who will have reach and experience in the area, VetFlicks Exchange will be supported by the team at Allied Advertising an industry leader in content marketing and growing unique brands. VetFlicks will have honorable and vibrant relationships with theaters globally.