Kate French wins Best Actress at the 2016 Burbank International Film Festival

Burbank, California – September 11, 2016

At the Burbank International Film Festival tonight, the excitement was flowing for the makers of Last Man Club, the touching story about a veteran finding closure. The film won Best Drama at the gala event, and grabbed a Best Actress win for Kate French.

The film has received wide attention for its touching portrayal of a group of veterans finding closure years after their service. In the movie, four World War II Veterans who served together on a B-17 Bomber, who have lost touch over the years, each now find themselves trapped in their own “private little hell”.  Pete is dying in a veteran’s hospital and it’s his nurse, Ripley who helps him find the last known address of Eagle, his Captain and pilot of their beloved B-17.

After receiving the letter from Pete, Eagle dresses himself in his reunion military uniform, steals the battery from his son’s car and escapes in his late wife’s 1958 Ford Fairlane and along the way of gathering his fellow Veterans, meets up with the most unlikely crew of misfits, including a young woman on the run from her abusive boyfriend. They are on a mission and no one not even the police or FBI is going to stop them from breaking Pete out of his hospital for a whirlwind – last hoorah.

View the trailer for Last Man Club below:

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